The Dagdha was the Father God of the Tuath de Dannan, famed for his magic Harp, mighty Club and bottomless Cauldron, from which none left unsatisfied. My cauldron is for pouring my excess geekery into and hopefully will make a nourishing brain-soup.
Hope you like it.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Comrades new and old.

Finishing up an a long term gig gave me a few days to dedicate to painting some minis. I don't know how long I can sustain it, but here's hoping. My own webcomic is taking shape too, and I'm gearing up to returning to it, but for right now, these will have to do.



  1. Looking good Len! Nice to see a few new minis from ya. Love the dwarf's face.

  2. Thanks mate- always fun. I just added a few others I did a day or two later- check them out :)