The Dagdha was the Father God of the Tuath de Dannan, famed for his magic Harp, mighty Club and bottomless Cauldron, from which none left unsatisfied. My cauldron is for pouring my excess geekery into and hopefully will make a nourishing brain-soup.
Hope you like it.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Flat Plastic Miniatures

Okay, I fully admit to having being a miniature snob, but as I get on and my patience flitters away, pawns and counters are becoming more appealing- it also does no harm that such minis now boast handsome production values. This Kickstarter in particular is very tempting:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Where next?

Well, after a few months hiatus, our Call of Cthulhu group, The Merriweather Society, is coming back on the very slow boat to Shanghai. Now that we're past the halfway point, I have to ask myself where to go next? I'm not going to let work consume me like it has for the past year, though it was a refuge from all the crap the universe was throwing at me.

My initial instinct is to go for a game of Dragon Warriors- my favorite AD&D Lite clone from the 1980s, originally put out by Corgi Books. It has a great, hoary olde English folklore vibe to it that I really enjoy, since it's already half way to horror already.

What do you think?